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"American Idol" Hottie Brittany Kerr Crashes the Internet + ALL the latest celeb news videos - 04/14/2013 06:20 am


Kim Kardashian to have baby in Paris - 04/14/2013 06:13 am

LamarKim Kardashian's first child may be rude, drenched in stinky perfume with hairy armpits ... because her place of birth may be Paris.

 Kim was sashaying around gay Purr-ee with baby daddy Kanye West last week and sources close to the couple tell us, she stopped into a hospital specifically to scope out the maternity ward.

We're told Kim is seriously considering popping in Paris for several reasons -- the main one being Paris has strict anti-paparazzi laws ... which is why Halle Berry says she wants to move there.

Another reason ... Kanye has a sick pad in Paris.

And it doesn't hurt that Paris is the fashion capital of the world.

FYI, the baby's due in July. Sacrébleu! 


Image: Getty



LamarThe Kardashian kids are suing their dad's widow, claiming she's been illegally selling portions of a diary they inherited.

Kim, Kourtney, Khloe and Rob Jr. are suing Ellen Pearson -- who was married to Robert Kardashian -- claiming Robert had a diary that contained very personal details about the klan and has been selling tidbits to tabloids.

The deceased Kardashian -- famous for repping OJ Simpson -- allegedly left the diary to his kids in his will.

Among the info that Ellen allegedly sold -- Kris allegedly hit Kourtney and Kim and also threatened to kill Kim ... and Rob was locked in a car while Kris was out on a date. The lawsuit alleges the diary is owned lock, stock and barrel by the Kardashian kids and Ellen is infringing on their copyright. The lawsuit demands the return of the diary and family albums, as well as damages.

Interesting fact: Robert did NOT include ex-wife Kris in the diary inheritance -- just their kids. But Kris is listed as a plaintiff. It's curious -- Kris is NOT suing Ellen for defamation, for putting the brutality allegations out there. So the questions -- did Robert Kardashian make the allegations against his ex, and are they true?


Image: Getty


Princess Diana Dressed as Man to Sneak Into Gay Bar With Freddie Mercury - 04/02/2013 03:20 pm

LamarPrincess Diana . . . as a Drag King!

The late, beloved British royal reportedly had a wild night out in the late 80s in which famous friend Freddie Mercury helped her go incognito at a London gay bar -- by disguising William and Harry's mum as a man. In her new memoir The Power of Positive Drinking, British TV actress Cleo Rocos writes that she, the late Queen frontman and comedian Kenny Everett prepped Diana's disguise, dressing her in an army jacket, cap and sunglasses.

Arriving at gay bar Royal Vauxhall Tavern, "we felt she was obviously Princess Diana and would be discovered at any minute," Rocos says (via The Sunday Time - UKs). "But people just seemed to blank her. She sort of disappeared. But she loved it."

Diana managed to remain undetected with her three pals, Rocos says, even ordering her own drinks at the bar. The foursome began their adventures earlier that day, drinking champagne and watching reruns of The Golden Girls.

"Diana was in full mischief mode," Rocos wrote of the evening, which is said to have taken place as Diana struggled in her marriage to Prince Charles. "Freddie said, 'Go on, let the girl have some fun.'"

Source: htttp://


LAMAR ODOM Charity Accused of Stiffing Cancer Patients - 04/02/2013 03:06 pm

LamarLamar Odom is facing allegations the tax exempt charity he created is being sketchy with its money ... and not donating ANY cash to cancer research, despite the charity's mission statement.

Lamar established the charity -- Cathy's Kids -- in memory of his mother, who died from cancer when he was 12 ... and initially stated that the purpose of the charity was to help underprivileged kids and raise money for cancer research.

But according to official records -- obtained by ESPN's "Outside the Lines" -- there is no evidence any of the money ever went to fight cancer.

There is proof, however, $1.3 million of the $2.2 million that was raised went toward funding two "elite" youth basketball teams -- the insinuation is that the kids on the teams were so good, they were already on college radars for scholarships and other financial help.

Of the remaining $900k, there is no evidence based on available documentation that any of it went to cancer research. In fact, according to OTL, there's no evidence whatsoever of where the money went.

Lamar sat down for an interview with ESPN producers -- he brushed off questions about where the money went by saying it was all his dough, despite the fact the money was raised through solicitations on his website, Khloe Kardashian's website and others.

Source: htttp://

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