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Problem Child | Biography |African Music Icon

Problem Child [born Isaiah Allan Kaweireku] is a South African singer, songwriter & actor.
Dubbed the “Problem Child of Africa”.
Problem Child comes from a royal African family, he has been carrying on the legacy of his famous family for 7 years now. He is the one who jammed the hits “Pass It”, “Manilla Bar”, “Woman Abeg”, “I gat damn sick”, “One Culture”, and the UK's popular chat eccentric “Diary of A Street kid” (“Street Children”) ensuring his stardom as a star boy.
The song “Diary of A Street kid” was featured in the opening scene of the 2013 movie Soweto.

Soweto The Movie [edit]
The newly released movie is all about "The life of the youths who lived in the 1983s Republic of South Africa".
Problem Child was acting by the names of "Matthew Thebung", a young Dutch and African mixed blood (boer) from a family of six; Jane Nhle, Tenza Sibisosa, Micheal Tief, Reagan Mark Thembu, Ronah Belle Dedase also known as "Ayanda".
Problem Child was the second born in the family, that barely believed in any religion, no studies, and no work.
A product of Interscope Films in partnership with Anglo African Pictures South Africa.

Biography [edit]
Problem Child was born in the Rich Lane estate in a Town called Jinja, which is found in Uganda.
Today he has many faces watching him, being the only one and chosen, beloved son-In-law to the famous African legendary music icon (Yondo Sister) who was the face of Africa between 73 to 91, the mama entertainment industry during the late 80’s.
In upto 1994, were strictly hits only from Yondo Sister, and also Oliver Ng'oma with songs like [Muendu] an afro-zouk hit song. During that time, Yondo Sister was completely untouchable having songs like; Mbutu Mutu, Wapi Yo, and Bazoo amongst others, hitting globally with the dance touch.
Problem Child's family has three different kinds of blood mixing between, from the father's side along to the mother's side, now what's being royal means.
He started singing at 10-years of age, earlier long Problem Child had in him that "royalty" thing inside him that upto today, the thread does not stretch. Earlier still Problem Child dropped the Academic school and went to the Music school at a stage of class four (adults), High school. In 2010 when Nick Brandon of Playlist Music Company discovered him in Abuja, Nigeria, had him record his first professional tape, that further hit “Pass It”, publicly even media is aware of the single sales which hit 20,000 copies sold at an enim, It was an instant hit in the South Africa officially, rolling to the West forth.
Problem Child's “Manilla Bar”, “Woman Abeg” still trending and the ever-popular, “Diary of A Street kid” immediately threw him on South Africa’s mbaqanga music scene as a fully established star.
Problem Child referred to as the "Gifted One" by SA's top DJ a.k.a DJ Afrika, he desires his life, and admires Problem Child alot. He had it smooth growing up, being born in a royal family.

Problem Child has two diplomas from the Hartt School of Music, one in music composition, another in career management, and development. He also studied speech and drama at Artemis School of Speech and Drama, London, qualifying in 2009.
Problem Child is the brand manager of the [Glitz & Glamour] company together with British professor and scientist, Dr Martin Russell, the company is situated in the United Kingdom (headquarters), with branches trio in England, United States and South Africa, products and facilities manufactured from the U.S.A.
Problem Child has his own gentry [Kevoir] where Nigerian musician Wiz Kid, among others, artworks making.
Problem Child has Affiliated to the company that signed him at first [Playlist Music Company] now being an official share holder.
Problem Child manages SEO expertise part-time at the African Global Post, sitting on several boards of charitable organisations and SEOs. He also serves on the board of the Antananarivo Music Company.
Throughout his illustrious career, Problem Child has met British singers; Labrynth (performing together as guest artists at the 11th annual Liverpool awards), Leona Lewis and Jessie J.
Problem Child’s continuing family legacy is a testament to his connection to everyday people as well as royalty. Whether he is performing for Kings and Queens, Presidents and First Ladies or corporate concerts; he always returns to those he loves – his fans and family of listeners in African cities, townships and rural areas.
“Mama Africa”, Miriam Makeba said of him “He’s my baby!”, Aleku adds that Problem Child is “my crazy nephew”. Legends Dolly Rathebe and Dorothy Masuka describe Problem Child’s attitude in music as “a proud boy of his continent”.
When interviewed at AFRA, this were his words,
"I started writing lyrics as early as middle school, to me, school was just a wastage of my time because music I grew living it so books were never my interest, I got a nightmare and dropped because time Is money. I came to understand that my music has alot of background, originally, so I had to follow up including the businesses that made it for me, and I allowed the audience and I like it I ADMIT.
I wouldn't care how my status affects grasping THINKERS the FACT I make tough music, raise money outside music, I couldn't spot a cold heart, anywhere I make my crazy cash. The cause is that here in Africa we make it plus money and HOLD A REPUTATION no matter royal me iconness, how that paper big there goes the big kid."
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